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A New Order: 1/?: Luke/Vader

Chapter one: Charon

Disclaimer: I do not own starwars or much else in this story. However
I will leave a note when I create things:) I make no profit from it:)

Summary: Whole: 4,5,6 rewritten, but not fully. AU: Under Emperor
Vader's rule the universe has flourished. However like a wilting spot
upon a rose a rebellion has started. But something else shall come as
well and Vader may be given much more then he had ever expected when
the past comes back. A son. A New Hope. His salvation. Slash, incest,
death, and more.
Authors Note: I wrote this chapter to The Veronicas: Untouched and
then Foofighters: Learn to fly. I wrote it in font five, a great
thing to do if you can't write long chapters or essays. Half a page
is three pages in font 12. Luke is introduced and Vader stuff as
well: There is masterbuation in this.
Rating: NC-17 because of Sex, blood, gore and alot of other stuff.

Charon is the guide to the underworld. When a soul is ready to cross
the Styx they pay Charon a coin and he takes them across on his boat.

Luke sighed as he tried to install the turbo converters into his
small land cruiser. It wasn't working no matter how hard he tried. He
let out a grumbled curse. He had been trying for weeks to get this
thing set and even though he had all the right tools and parts it
wasn't working. Upset, he pulled away from the cruiser and wiped his
hands on his pants. The black oil immediately stained the stark white
canvas. Aunt Beru would probably have a fit later but he didn't care,
he was too disappointed. All his hard work and time and this was his

He put his tools away, dropping them into the box he kept in a little
corner of his uncle's stock shed. He was in the mood to just take a
nap and come back to work on his project later. He hadn't gotten much
sleep last night. Everytime he'd fall into a deep sleep he would hear
voices. The voices of a man and a woman. They were talking about the
baby they were going to have. She had been pregnant and so excited.
And the man had been so happy and filled with some unexplainable joy
at the thought of having a son. Yes, they were going to have a boy
and raise him on Naboo by a garden. Their voices had been so loud and
clear he had thought they had been in the very room with him,
speaking directly to him instead of each other. Something had told
him that he knew them, but he had never before heard those two
voices. Not once. But still that feeling had kept him awake, made him
think, and then the first sun had risen over the horizon and Aunt
Beru had called him down for breakfast.

He tried to think about his dreams again, this time in the full light
of day. But they were illusive and like water they slipped through
his fingers. It was like in the Holo-movies where the hero had a chip
put in his brain so he didn't remember what the bad guys didn't want
him to. But he shook his foolish thoughts off. This wasn't a Holo-
vid. It was real life where things were just.....strange and odd and
confusing. There was nothing exciting like bombs exploding in front
of ones eyes, or people who fought the bad guys with neat weapons
like a Cannon Six Worshin and a t-897 blaster. As Uncle Owen always
liked to say, " Excitement and fun and stuff like that got people
killed." Like his Father: Anakin Skywalker.

Luke bit his lip as his father came to mind. How he wished he had
known the man, been with him on all his cool missions instead of
stuck here on the farthest rock from the bright center of the
universe. Uncle Owen always liked to mention how his father had died,
foolishly fighting for something or other, when he crashed his ship
and died in an inferno of hellish flames and pain. That was all
excitement and fun and adventure brought. Pain and a terrible death.
Still, it did nothing to curb his interest in everything about the
universe. His Father had lived on Coruscant. What a place. Luke
hadn't even imagined that in his wildest dreams. Coruscant was a
place where everything happened. There was so much to do, to see, to
experience in an hour. It would be a dream come true to live
somewhere like that. To see the bright lights each night, to see the
huge hulking form of Imperial Palace blocking dwarfing every
skyscraper in existence. To perhaps meet the Emperor himself.

He laughed at his wild thoughts. A boy from Tatooine did not go to
places like Coruscant. They were born, lived, breeded, and died on
this planet. People from Tatooine were just not.....allowed to do
anything else. They weren't supposed to dream of getting off this
rock. It was too much of a hope. When he had told his aunt and uncle
of his want to go, to live somewhere else when he grew up, they had
laughed. Well, Uncle Owen had laughed. Aunt Beru had just shook her
head and poured him more blue milk and told him that he could do
whatever he wanted. But there had been something in her eyes that had
told him she was just trying to not break his hopes. She didn't want
to destroy his dreams of another place....another life somewhere far
away. He loved her for that. No matter how hopeless she thought his
dreams were she just smiled and told him he could achieve anything he
wanted to. Anything was possible. But he supposed his dreams were
just too big. Too impossible to actually achieve. He was a farm boy
raced his t-16 through Beggars Canyon with his friends. That didn't
make him qualified to go out and explore the universe like his Father
had. It didn't make him qualified for much.

He cast a wistful look at his land speeder as he thought about that.
He wondered how his Father had achieved what h had wanted to do. How
he had been able to get out and do the impossible. Luke knew he would
rather die doing something he had never dreamed possible then to die
doing nothing here upon a rock that no one really cared about. Even
the Emperor stayed away from this place. It was as though Tatooine
had one of those curses, like in Holo Vid horror movies, that scarred
people off. Like a haunted house. But he shook himself again. This
wasn't a Holo-vid, hr told himself again. This was exactly why he was
having those weird dreams, why he wasn't sleeping, and why he was so
frustrated. It had been that Holo-vid marathon Biggs had held at his
house yesterday. Now all he could think about was adventure and stuff
like that. However a part of him didn't believe that. But he just
wanted to put the blame somewhere. He needed to or else he would go
insane upon this little planet.

With a sigh Luke opened the door and headed out into the light of the
twin suns, squinting his eyes a bit so he could see out over the
sandy dunes and canyons that stretched out beyond the homestead. What
was it about this place that destroyed people? The emptiness? The
stretches of sand that didn't end until you walked straight off the
edge of this planet? He groaned at his morbid thoughts. If his mind
kept this up he was going to hit himself. He wasn't whiney like this.
He wasn't some angst ridden teen. He was Luke Skywalker....the son of
the best pilot in the universe: Anakin Skywalker. Ever since
childhood that thought had given him so much pride, so much joy. But
its effects were slowly widdlling away the older he got. It was a way
of telling himself that even though he was the son of the best pilot
in the meant nothing. He hadn't done anything great
with his own life ever. Not once. He didn't compare to his Father in
any way. They just shared blood and DNA and a love of space. His
Father had written then ending to his own story. But Luke's life was
a data-pad in front of a stranger, the same stranger who wrote his
aunt and uncle's story. The ending would be the same as everyone
else's. And the only thing he could do about it was to take control.
To get off this planet and fight for himself. But when would a chance
like that ever come around?

He was glad when he finally reached the opening to his home; he just
wanted to escape everything in his bedroom. Just forget for a little
while about the sand and son and the disappointing feelings he held
inside. His room was the only place that allowed that. It was a safe
haven, except last night but he chose to ignore that. The only safe
haven he had except for when he was racing against Biggs in the
Canyon. It helped him find a peace, a peace he could not really find
in himself right now. At the entrance he kicked off his boots and
left them in a neat line beside the other shoes. Aunt Beru didn't
like tracking in sand and stuff.

" Luke?" He paused in his journey to his bedroom. His aunt was
calling him. Quickly he changed course and headed for the kitchen.
There his aunt stood her hands busy with dinner. She smiled when she
saw him and jerked her head towards the table.

" Would you mind getting out the silver wear and plates for dinner,
Luke? I'm a little busy and your Uncle headed out to Tochi

" He went without me?!" Luke felt any slight happiness drain away. He
was going to go with his uncle and see Biggs, Tinker and Cami for a
little while. He had also wanted to stop and see if there were any
new things at the little ' junk' shop. He needed a few more parts for
other projects.

" I told him to wait but you known your Uncle Luke. But I promise
I'll make sure he takes you some other time. Now set the table for me
sweet heart." Luke, dejected, did as he was told. He had been waiting
all week to go with his uncle. How could the man have left without
him? It was just mean. Each time he set down a plate it made a loud
noise against the table. He felt bad that he was almost purposely
trying to break the dishes but he couldn't help it. It just wasn't
fair. It wasn't. But then again life was unfair. Even at fifteen he
knew that well enough. There were no rules saying life had to be
fair, kind, or even any good. That was why there was so much poverty
and death and all that bad stuff even though Emperor Vader had been
trying so hard to wipe it all out. It was just life taking its toll
on unsuspecting people and places and all sorts of junk.

" If it makes you feel any better, Luke I made you your favorite dish
tonight. Quibble Steak and green fries." Luke looked up, his eyes
lighting up with that. Beru smiled and laughed as a grin broke out
over his face. He loved Quibble steak and green fries. Usually he
only got that on his birthday. For a moment he wondered what the
occasion was but then again, a wise person never looked a Torac in
the eyes. It would only mean bad things. So he just relished the
thought of his little surprise and didn't worry about what it was

" I couldn't get my land cruiser going even with the turbo
converters," Luke said as he leaned against the table, " I think I
need something else."

" Well I'm sure you'll be able to figure..........LUKE SKYWALKER WHAT
IS THAT ON YOUR PANTS!" Luke jumped at his aunt's yell, and looked
down at his pants half expecting to see some disgusting insect.
Ooops. He had forgotten about the oil he had rubbed off onto his
pants. He looked up at his aunt sheepishly.

" I'll make sure I was them well Aunt Beru. And I'll go change right
now." He said, quickly darting off to his room before he could get
into any serious trouble. A mad aunt Beru was a scary aunt Beru.

He slipped into his bedroom, letting out a sigh of relief. At least
he was in his room. The plain black floor beneath his feet relaxed
him, and the sight of his model t-16 and the Executor, as well as
other ships, all set up on the headboard of his small bed. He took
his time changing, knowing that dinner wasn't going to start until
Uncle Owen got home, and then threw the practically ruined pants onto
a pile of dirty clothes. He pulled a pair of new pants out of his
closet and tugged them on afterward, the same color and likeness.
After that he jumped onto his bed and grabbed one of his ship models,
the Executor as it was his favorite, and played with it. It was
childish, playing with a toy, but he didn't mind. It was private and
besides it was the Executor. No one could ever say that the flag-ship
of the Emperor was childish or dorky. He flew it above him, his eyes
caressing the details. He would have given anything to board that
ship, to see exactly what went on inside it. It would be a dream
comes true.

He could imagine all those troopers of Emperor Vader's, lining up to
salute the man, and going about their business. He could imagine the
Emperor himself, the most powerful man in the universe, running the
ship with ease and such control and ability. Telling his men what to
do and how to do it. The man was absolutely........fascinating.
Unlike the other students in his class who slept when the teacher
turned on a report by the Emperor, he watched with avid interest. The
man was so smart, so smart. It was as though he knew every thing
about anything. He could talk about the simplest of things and Luke
saw an entirely different world. It was just so....mesmerizing. He
was a man one could try to aspire to. He was like a Father figure to
the universe, easily guiding and teaching all his children. Something
prickled in the back of his mind at that. Something odd. He tried to
grasp it but it disappeared as quickly as it had come.

Luke sighed. He hated that feeling. When things were illusive he got
upset. He didn't understand why things had to be like that. Why
couldn't you just remember things? Or just figure things out? The
mind was a cheater. You already had the memory, you already worked
hard to get it, but it kept it to itself. It was frustrating to say
the least. But he gave up as he always did. It just wasn't worth the
work at the moment, wasn't worth getting worked up over.

" Luke? Dinner." He heard his aunt's call and set down the model
ship, quickly hopping from his bed. He darted through the hallways
and entered the kitchen, smelling the aroma of Quibble steak. His
aunt always made it the way he liked it. Beru directed him to the
sink and he washed his hands as best as he could, and then took a
seat at the table on his usual side. Uncle Owen was already eating,
his mouth full and his eyes straight ahead. He was thinking about

" Here you go Luke. Some Quibble steak, green fries and blue milk.
All a good meal to help a growing boy." Luke smiled as his aunt set
the plate before him, and immediately dug into it. The tasty dish
melted in his mouth.

" So I was thinking," Aunt Beru started, holding her cup of blue
milk, " that you could take Luke to the parts store tomorrow Owen, as
you did leave him here after promising that you would take him up
today." Luke's head spun to his Uncle who slammed down his silver
wear. Beru didn't seem too worried.

" The boy should have been paying attention to the time Beru. Its not
my fault he gets caught up in that stupid project of his."

" Its not stupid Uncle Owen! Its a Land Cruiser."

" Its just another thing like school that keeps you from working on
the farm for me. I'm not going to reward it. I'm not taking anyone
anywhere tomorrow and that's finale."

Luke bit his lip against a retort, and finished his meal hurriedly.
Beru was staring at Owen, giving him a look that seemed between
annoyed and upset. The happiness of the delicacy for dinner had sort
of faded. He hated arguments, especially at dinner. As soon as he
finished he brought the dishes to the sink and excused himself from
the room. Tatoo I, the yellow sun, still hung high in the sky, and
Tatoo II was setting just below the dunes. He left the homestead so
he could catch a closer glimpse at the twin suns. The ancient dragons
that lived in the giant orbs were dangerous tonight, glowing fiercely
in the red sky. He watched them make their way through the sky until
his aunt called him back in, and as he walked back to the house he
wondered at what tomorrow would bring for him. He didn't know why
but......he could feel something was coming.

And he relished it.


Vader awoke from his restless sleep with a shuttered gasp and a sweat
covered brow. An oath passed his trembling lips. Nightmares....the
word was thought with enough bitterness to make it taste acidic in
his mouth. He was supposed to be beyond nightmares. Nightmares were
only for the weak uncertain of the future and afraid of the dark. He
was neither.

He had seen himself as he had been before: suffocated in that dark
armor, his body tormented by pain and weakness. His mind half
shattered.....and under the control of Palpatine. It had ended badly.
He had continued to be that man's servant, wrapped up in his
poisonous cloud, until something had come to him. Something light
and.....good. Whatever it had been it had changed him, had guided
him. But he had died. He had died right after killing Palpatine. And
he had seen an image he had never wanted to see again....that
disgusting pale, burnt, destroyed version of himself. The image he
had refused to see for all those years after he had failed in his
fight against Obi-wan.

' The old man is dead. I have nothing to fear anymore. I have all the
power. I am the most powerful force user in this Universe.' It did
little to comfort him. It had seemed far too real. It was etched into
his head, showing up even as he forced it away. Angrily he shoved the
sheets away from his naked form, slipping his legs over to the edge
and stepping off. The air was warm. It made him feel even
more....constrained. Plucking a robe from the edge of a chair he
jerked it on and let it loosely cling to him as he stalked across the
room. He needed to get outside where the air was cooler and would
help settle his nerves.

' Nerves. How long has it been since I have had those?' Was he
weakening? Was age starting to wear on him? He pushed the thought
away annoyed with himself. Since when had age ever been a factor with
anything? No. He wasn't weakening. He had been training, he had been
fighting, he had been keeping up with everything. It was nothing more
then emotional stress. The thought annoyed him as well but he craved
an answer to his feelings.

The cool air was a welcoming thing, slipping along his body like a
caress. Imperial Center glowed beneath him, the vivid lights of the
city stars in their own right. It was a comforting sight almost.
However he wished he was away from this place. He wanted to be aboard
the Executor and overseeing the building of the Battle Star he had
ordered to be done three years ago. Anakin Skywalker would have
welcomed the glowing lights of Coruscant, would have felt almost at
home. But he was not Anakin Skywalker. He was Emperor Darth Vader of
the Galactic Empire. And this place barely felt like any home. It
hadn't been home for a long while.

It had been a weakness he had purged himself of long ago....or so he
had thought. The only home of his was in space, aboard his flag-ship,
or in battle against any worthy opponent. That was supposed to be the
only home for the Dark Lord of the Sith. He wasn't supposed to have
any true attachments to a place. That was not how his world worked.
It was not how he had taught himself to live.

For long moment he turned his head to the sky, trying to spot the
Executor in orbit around this planet. It's sleek form was easy to see
at his elevation. It was comforting to know it was only a short
flight away.

Tomorrow he would leave. Tomorrow he would once more board the
Executor and feel much better after all this foolish business with
the incompetent fools who could not figure their ways out of a
squabble with inter-galactic affairs, without his aid. He would be
far away from this place where memories leaked out of each crevice of
the city, each crack revealing an image of a world that he had sought
to push far back into a tiny corner of his mind. Yes. That would be

With his mind made up Vader cast one more look across the city,
letting his eyes linger upon old, familiar places once more, and
headed back to his bed. He would be free of these foolish thoughts
after a better night sleep. Then he would have nothing to worry about
when he was light-years away from this place.
However something inside told him it would not be so. And he found
that as hard as he tried to push that thought away, it glowed like a
warning deep inside.
The rest of the night had gone by with only a few more disturbances
and by mid day Vader was unboarding his shuttle in the Executors
flight bay. Vader stepped down from the shuttle's ramp, his usual
graceful and quick gate hampered as though his limbs suddenly weighed
too much for his strength to carry. His eyes went around the loading
bay and those who looked in his direction did not dare mention the
dark circles under his sharp blue eyes nor the lines around his
youthful face. The anger in his eyes kept any officers at bay.
Vader stepped into the lift at the end of the hall and slumped
slightly against the silver tiles of the wall. They were cold beneath
his forehead, a relief to the Dark Lord. Exhaustion swamped his body.

However he was not so weak or stupid enough that he would show it
before his men, but he couldn't help but use the support of the wall
while alone. He cursed the weakness but did not push himself away. He
was not as arrogant as he had been in his first few years as the Dark
Lord. When the doors opened again he was as straight as an arrow, his
posture a mixture between power and control, and his face neutral.
He continued his walk to the bridge, needing to speak to Admiral
Offors. He wanted to know how the construction of the Battle Star was
going. Grand Moff Tarkin and the Department of Military Research were
becoming nuisances. They had spent far too much time and money upon
this project to have it just nearly finished. It should have been
finished months ago on time. He had been....merciful. He had only
killed three of the men responsible for the slow completion of his
ship. But it seemed his mercy had been placed in the wrong place. As
soon as Vader stepped into the bridge Admiral Gleene had somehow
managed to get to his side.
"Emperor Vader I had received word that the situation of Coruscant
was going to take a week at least. Not two days." The man did not
seem to upset from the news however; his energy almost considered '
"The King of Angeorn decided it wasn't wise to argue with me about
where his money had gone after illegally selling to one of my
officers." Vader smirked as he spoke; remembering how quickly
Evergorin had changed his mind as soon as he had stepped into the
room. Admiral Offor gave a smile as though he had some clue as to
what was going on. The truth was he didn't.

"However Admiral Offor I am not here to discuss that business. What I
would like to discuss is the completion of the Battle Star."

"Grand Moff Tarkin says the Battle Star will be fully operational in
two days at the most Emperor Vader. He contacted me just hours ago.
He said that everything has been going at full speed now." A small
smile came to his lips. Finally. Still there was the leftover
annoyance that it had taken so long, cost so much.

" Contact Grand Moff Tarkin and tell him that I will be there
tomorrow to make sure that it is indeed only that far from
completion. If it was merely an excuse we shall have to find some
more men on the ship as replacements." The last pulled a shutter from
Offor. The Dark Lord did not tolerate lies or incompetence. It didn't
bode well for any who crossed either or both of those lines. However
he quickly nodded and waited for his Lord's next command.

"I will be in my rooms. I am not to be disturbed for anything less
then an attack against the ship. You are in charge up here of
anything that does not actually require myself."

" Yes sir."

With that Vader turned on his heel and headed to the lift once more.
He would sleep in his chambers, regain the strength he had lost
yesterday, and be able to go see Grand Moff Tarkin. However his
exhaustion was worrying him. He did not understand how one night with
a bad rest had made him so tired and weak. Again he wanted to blame
it on the stress of the past weeks. The damned Alliance was getting
bolder with every second not caring what suicide mission they sent
their people on each day. He had had to deal with twelve incidents in
six days and even though he was the supreme master of the Dark Side
it still wore on one. He wanted the Battle Star in full operation
soon, so he could effortlessly destroy each base and finally wipe out
those terrorists. Then this war would just be over and he could
concentrate fully on other things. Impersonal yes but he would allow
himself a couple up close battles as well.

The lift opened and he stepped out and headed down to his rooms. He
effortlessly undid the force sensitive locks and codes with a wave of
his hand and a thought, and the door whooshed open before him. His
rooms were perfectly conditioned, never too hot or cold. It was
comfortable with a slight breeze as though it held its own wind,
which suited the normally extremely warm Vader well. The gleaming
gray floors reflected his image as he made his way across to his bed
chambers, glad to see that the droids had done an excellent job of
removing the smell of sex and sweat from the air since three days
ago. They had also brought brand new sapphire blue silk sheets for
his massive bed as well as brand new body size, and small head rest,
pillows. He didn't want to touch the pillows that would remind him of
his meaningless.......orgy with that foolish prince from Carisnbor.

Slipping from his boots and socks, then yanking off his a shirt and
pants, Vader let out a sigh as he fell back against his bed. The
silken sheet felt so erotic beneath his back, one reason he had had
all his private chambers lined with the stuff, he let out a small
moan as he let his body relax. He could feel the difference
immediately in his stress levels. Just being.....home eased him
effortlessly, with the vibrations and low thrum of the ship beneath
him. Another brush of the silken sheets caused shivers to go down his
body. He hadn't had a bed partner since Prince Winlo had been aboard
the ship, due to the meeting he had with his father. The boy had been
desperate to enjoy a fantasy about giving himself as a toy to a high
ranking officer, instead of a princess back on his planet, and Vader
had been happy to oblige after a long day of dealing with the

His hand slipped down his body, finger tips gliding softly over his
stomach. He rubbed his thumbs directly above his cock, feeling his
organ start to harden and rise. He let only the very tips of his
fingers brush beyond the point, lightly touching himself. His eyes
closed in pleasure. He wanted to make it last, put himself to sleep
by his own means, and this was just the way. Light touches and
caresses that would soon drive him too far over the edge and he would
end up grabbing his cock and jerking himself off until the end. He
let images of all his conquests fill his mind, his hips rose
slightly, his breath coming in slight pants. It felt good after the
long days he had had, though he wished he had someone else here,
working him until orgasm, instead of his own hand. However at the
moment it didn't matter. He just wanted pleasure in any way he could
get it.

He licked his lips as his hand slowly started to wrap around his
cock, tightening as he slowly let his fingers glide up and down his
shaft, and his other hand slipped down as well to harshly caress his
balls. His head thrashed against the pillows, the two combined
sensations on his body causing euphoria. He didn't care about making
it last anymore. Now all he wanted was to get off and feel orgasm
race through him.

His knees locked, causing a rush of some unexplainable pleasure to
course through him, and his thighs opened as he let orgasm hit him
after one more brutal stroke along his cock. Semen splashed across
the farthest edges of the bed, already messing the bed slightly. He
wiped his and on as small pillow before throwing it from the bed. It
didn't matter; the droids would clean it latter.

Yes. This place was indeed the home of Darth Vader.
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"gasp" that was HOT XD.

I so want to read their meeting now (cader and luke I mean)
Thank you for your reviews I shall be writing more plus more fics:)