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A New Order: Prolouge: Luke/Vader

Hi, I haven't posted before, but I would love to add my new Luke/Vader slash story:) 

Title: The New Order

Disclaimer: I do not own starwars:) Or the qoute from Macbeth.
Authors note:This story has been sitting in my mind and I have so
many rough draft chapters to edit and post:) This is the first fic
that had really kept me writing and going and going so that'll
hopefully mak it really good. This is kinda a re-write of 4,5,6 but
not fully! I will leave certain scenes out and just be like, "
Everyone knows the scene in a New Hope Where............right?" If
you don't feel free to write me:)Hope you enjoy. This is the opening,
not chapter one however. You will notice a quote from Macbeth":)Also
I have a soundtrack to each of my chapters. For some reason I wrote
this one to Cartel: Honestly. The song is really good:)

Summary: Under Emperor Vader's rule the universe has flourished.
However like a wilting spot upon a rose a rebellion has started. But
something else shall come as well and Vader may be given much more
then he had ever expected when the past comes back. A son. A New
Hope. His salvation.


He toed the dead Sith with his blood splattered boot, nudging his
onto his back. Satisfaction crossed his face along with the other
fleeting emotions. Joy, pleasure they flashed across his face like
lightening over a river, and had anyone been there to witness that
look they would have shuttered.

Laughter bubbled from his throat, like blood had from his master's
slashed throat. It was sadistic and yet.....happy. It echoed through
out the destroyed throne room, bouncing off the walls and coming back
to him. It only made him laugh more, louder and louder like he
couldn't stop. He raised a gloved hand and ran it through his curled
hair. Blood colored the honey colored strands like a dye.

He was finally dead. He was gone. He was no longer the Master in this
world. No, no he now was. Oh how long he had waited. Patiently
waiting, healing himself, bringing himself back to his full power.
And then he had attacked. Oh look like the innocent flower, but be
the serpent beneath it. So true to ones plans. Waiting, following
orders, learning about all the organizations of the world, learning
from Palpatine's mistakes. The man had showed him the road, tempted
him with the key to his destiny, and then hiding it. But he had found
it. Oh yes he had found it.

Vader looked back upon the body, lying in the center off the room in
his own blood and gore, remembering where exactly the head had
rolled, deep into the shadows of the room. He now sat there, in the
scarlet puddle, his knees drawn up and his elbows resting upon the
tops as he observed. He couldn't stop looking at his master-piece.
The one kill that would change the universe.

' I was never men to be a slave. I was no one's lapdog. He should
have known I would be plotting. Should have known I'd kill him one
day.' Perhaps he had known. Perhaps it hadn't come as a shock as
Vader suddenly attacked, all his rage and passion flooding that first
deep blow. But did it really matter now? The man was dead.....if he
could even be called a man. All that treachery and pain the Emperor
had inflicted. Now it was Vader's turn to right the wrongs that the
man had created.

' A purge will be needed.' Yes. Those connected deeply with Palpatine
would be destroyed, the same way Vader had destroyed the Jedi so long
ago. Without mercy, without restraint. They would die and a new order
would be established within HIS Empire. Another smile came to his
face at that thought. His Empire. It was his right. For all that
Palpatine had taken away from him: His wife. His son. This wouldn't
even cover a quarter of it. Not even complete control could fill that

He pushed those thoughts away angrily. No. Now was not the time to
dwell upon the past. Now it was time to plan for the future. A bright
and full future. Exactly what he deserved after all his sacrifice and
pain and servitude.

Vader pushed himself up from where he had sat and felt that tainted
blood drip down the back of his pants. It was cold now. No life to
sustain it. He smiled at that as he grabbed the others saber,
clipping it to his belt along with his own, and walked out of the
room. Outside his own men stood in wait. He starred at them, watching
as they continued only to stand as still as the guards they had
replaced. They didn't blink at how much blood covered him. The way it
was supposed to be.

" Go clean that.....filth up and make the arrangements for the
complete rebuilding of that room. I do not want to feel that man
everytime I walk in there." He spoke calmly; watching in satisfaction
as they merely nodded and entered the room. They were perfect, almost
at the point of droids, but still human enough to feel the emotions
of fear and loyalty. The two best emotions. However on the topic of
filth.......he starred down at his hands and chest. Scarlet marred
every inch. He would have to wash up, wash away the last traces that
Palpatine had on him.

Yes. To wash away all that that man had done. He would become exactly
what he was to be. The New Lord of the Dark Side. The only Dark Lord
of the Sith.

And then he would begin. Oh yes. Everything would begin.

A new age was coming. And he would be its herald.

Hope you enjoyed a little crazy Vader:)
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